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Joe Heim

for Lake County Board District 4

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Why I'm Running

As a retired Army officer your tax dollars funded my military education that equips me to properly assess a situation and develop a plan to overcome the obstacles before me. I am willing to make the tough decisions needed to get us on a solid footing in Lake County. Lake County faces several serious problems that are not being addressed by the current Lake County Board leadership; chief among them is the increasing out migration of our residents; I will discuss this issue in greater detail later. Residents often state the primary reason they are leaving Lake County is excessive property taxes. The current Lake County Board leadership created Lake County’s first ever gas tax!  This “Stealth Tax” is typical self-serving Springfield decision making that makes Illinois, fiscally one of the worst States in the Union; and now it has crept into Lake County.  Let me now fight for you on Lake County Board as I have honorably fought in this Nation’s wars.

I hope to meet you on the campaign trail! I really hope to meet you!

Illinois Comeback Story
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